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About Us

Account ED is a business designed to meet the financial service requirements of New Zealand Schools.

At Account ED we believe that:


  • journals are about reading;

  • reconciliations are between friends; and

  • reports should be about the children's progress and go home at the end of each term.


So we set up a specialist team with comprehensive accounting experience focused on the unique financial requirements of schools with cost effective results.

We believe in providing tailor made financial service solutions to schools and empowering each school to focus on the core functions of educating and developing their students.   

As each school has its own unique identity and structure our drive is to understand your needs and work with you to develop the most effective financial services solution. 

Our specialist team's background includes a range of skills including annual strategic and property planning, board of trustee experience, membership of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants, and commercial financial experience.

Most importantly, our core values are based around our desire for continuous on-going professional improvement and our passion to deliver exceptional customer service.
We VALUE our clients, we WANT to work with schools and we will DELIVER.

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